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We change in a SMART way. We follow the SIMPLE line. Always PLASTIC.

In the year we’re turning 30, we think about the past and the future. About what is still to be done and about what’s behind us. Someone once said: "The best way to predict your future is to create it." If 30 years ago we had been presented the opportunity to find out how the world would like today, we would not have agree to that. Looking into to future we would have skipped some things that are very important to us. The experience gained through uncertainty, the acquaintance with the people we care about, but also the fact our little factory has become a harmonious and big family over time. Knowing we would become what we are today would lessen the celebration we’ve been preparing and we are really looking forward to in 2016. Like any other thirty-year-old, our factory has also settled down, stopped wandering, found its way, become wiser and learned to listen to the market. In their thirties, someone can feel like they’re 18, so they play, fantasize and dream as if they just turned 12. Because 18 plus 12 is 30! On our 30th birthday, we know that age is not the only thing that counts in business – but also job well done. And that in the end we can always start afresh. The future is not that far, it’s as close as tomorrow, and "where we're going, we don't need roads."