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Mar 26th2015.

Sandwich box

The traditional Belgrade Chamber of Commerce Award for the best design solution in 2013/2014 was awarded to our Sandwich Box for the food container design.

The annual award is given for the exceptional results in manufacturing and other enterprising areas, for outstanding contribution to development and improvement of Belgrade economy, for longstanding work in economy and for contribution to informing the public about the economy results.

Belgrade Chamber of Commerce gives the annual awards for the best inventions, design and rationalization solutions (technical improvements) created by inventors, designers and rationalizers in the current year. Chamber's awards are given to encourage inventions, design and rationalizations in Belgrade's economy, but also for Belgrade's economy, to encourage and promote successful solutions and to direct employees towards this type of work, and thus improve inventions, design and rationalizations.

In the presence of numerous guests from the public and social life, representatives of the Government of Serbia, Belgrade City Assembly, scientific and educational institutions, the Chamber and many businessmen, on March 26th 2015, in Belgrade City Hall, Belgrade Chamber of Commerce gave awards for the best doctoral dissertation, master's thesis, master and diploma theses, as well as prizes for best inventions, technical improvements and design solutions for 2013/2014.