logotip drina

Smart. Simple. Plastic.

Since 1986, every morning we’ve been waking up with new ideas and going to work to share the ideas with you. We do that by designing, manufacturing and selling small and big, necessary and required plastic items. We like to believe, but also prove, that we exist because we shape ourselves by fitting the mold dictated by time. Our factory is growing with each new day, and we remember and learn from all the previous shapes. Changing form is not hard when the essence and the initial idea remain the same. That’s the case with every smart plastic.
When we invest in developing new products, we do it because we follow trends and because we are in love with technology. When we think about design, we think about everyone following the line of simple, and when choosing between good and excellent, we always go with excellent. We think perfection exists and it is achievable, and that each effort pays off, not only in form of progress, but also in the experience that remains.
Curiosity is the key to interpret any world. So, the next time you choose one of our products, you can be certain you are not that different from us – maybe that’s exactly why you’ve been giving us your trust.