uvodna slika drina za smartfone uvodna slika drina 38 godina posvećenosti slogan za smartfone slogan za desktop ekrane

We believe every inch of space matters. Functional, creative, randomly organized or remarkably designed. Give your space a purpose and let us be your plastic support.


People are divided into those who’ve already found inspiration in our products, using and recommending them, and to those who are doing it right now. We’d like the latter to get to know our Drina world as soon as possible and we’d be more than happy to help with that. And we want the former to enjoy the world and create it together with us. While you’re reading this, we are striving to have the most functional and creative products while being organized to perfection, which exactly describes our constant need for a well-designed living space. To us, the concept of modern living means pushing the boundaries. And when we are sure about the quality, we look for practicality, together with shapes, textures and colours that perfectly match every space.

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